Reward is a joy to behold. Slip into the cockpit and it’s hard not to smile, whether exploring skinny water, checking out who’s at anchor or stepping it up a bit. You don’t have to wait for the next life to have your Reward.

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Reward logo

With one look at the Reward you know that timeless elegance is alive and well. The stem has the plumb profile of the classic cruisers and runabouts of the past. The graceful curved transom was inspired by the 1930’s commuter yacht “Aphrodite”. The tumblehome sides speak to a time before boat design was driven by what could be pulled from a mold and the half round stainless rub rails and gleaming cutwater are pure woodenboat. All of this is integrated with fluid, graceful curves that delight the eye.

photo of boat hatch and Rotax Jet engine

Design may be timeless but technology moves on. That means a semi deep V hull built of vinyl ester infused laminate, decks with the beautiful look of wood but none of the upkeep, a compact, powerful Rotax engine and waterjet propulsion for shallow draft and responsive handling. In Reward, you get the best of both the 20th and 21st centuries.

Photo of dry passengers riding in ocean waves

Reward’s deep vee hull form gives a smooth ride and responsive handling. Lifting strakes improve planing performance and chine flats help knock down spray for a dry ride. No point being gorgeous if you don’t have the moves…

photo of Reward 17 completing in place spin

Reward comes standard with BRP’s patented intelligent Neutral Reverse (iNR). iNR provides effortless electronically controlled and operated neutral and reversing control. The system controls allow precise setting of the reverse gate to completely balance forward and reverse thrust while allowing Reward to pivot in place for superb control in low speed maneuvering.

Reward 17 shoreline cruise aerial view

Reward fosters intimacy. Shallow draft and seating within arms reach of the water lets you experience your surroundings up close. The cozy cockpit is a delightful place for a quiet conversation.

Reward 17 photo on trailer

Reward’s size and light weight make it easy to load and transport. The hidden lower transom has hold down eyes for trailering. Pop-up lift eyes are provided for lifting Reward with a crane or davits. No worries about placing a sling.

reward cockpit photo

The first time you slip into the cockpit you’re struck by how roomy it actually feels. With use, you’ll come to appreciate how the seating height, mere inches above the water, adds to Reward’s stability and imparts a sense of security. The side decks are the perfect height for your arm and the throttle control falls right to hand. The pleated seats mold to your form. It just fits.

Dual touchscreen displays provide a clean, elegant appearance with multi-functional networked interface to boat and stereo systems.

Reward Color options

Clear coats and finish paints by Quantum Paint (Engineered Marine Coatings, LLC)

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